Update: Timestamps & Press Releases

Sunshine Coast Daily's story showing 8:13 am as the time of publishing.

Sunshine Coast Daily’s story showing 8:13 am as the time of publishing.

It’s been over a month since I’ve updated my stories on Abbott’s press release regarding James Ashby’s case against Peter Slipper (post 1, post 2) , so I thought I’d give an update on some new information that has come to hand.

Vince O’Grady, another Independent Australia contributor, pointed me to an article on the Sunshine Coast Daily’s website that seems to be at odds with what both DPS & Tony Abbott’s office have claimed. The article is a follow on from a statement sent to them by Abbott’s office.

Looking at the time of publishing on the story, it seems that the Sunshine Coast Daily was aware of Abbott’s response prior to the file being saved on the DPS network. This raises questions as to where & when the first drafts of Tony Abbott’s press release were created. The article clearly makes reference to a line in Tony Abbott’s press release demanding Peter Slipper be stood down. It could not have been from the press conference as the article was published 1 hour & 4 minutes before Abbott held his press conference, just under an hour before the original Microsoft Word document was saved to DPS’s network.

Extract from Abbott’s press release:

12-04-21 Statement on Peter Slipper MPFrom the Sunshine Coast Daily:

abbott quote2Again, this is no smoking gun, but does raise questions about when Abbott was aware of the case Ashby raised against Slipper, & who informed him of this. I have requested more information from the Sunshine Coast Daily but have yet to receive any response. I’m getting the feeling they are going to stonewall me, & if that’s the case I would hazard a guess they know more than they are letting on.

For now, I’ll let people decide on whether they believe Abbott had “no specific knowledge” of the impending Ashby case, I know what I think given the evidence & reaction from Abbott, Brough, Pyne, & Bishop.

As more information comes to hand (which there most certainly is to come) I’ll keep updating & writing posts.



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  • Bighead1883

    Keep digging Sortius.Like the American Republican Party,the LIBS can`t stand facts.

  • Poster

    Keep going at it mate, you’ll find the smoking gun

  • Greggo

    Good to see this get a run in the SMH.
    About time journos took a looong look at this.

  • bb

    More likely that the Sunshine Daily’s line “Opposition leader Tony Abbott has already called for the Prime Minister to stand Mr Slipper down until the claim against him is finalised.” was referring to previous calls Abbott had made, not to the press release. If it had been a quote from the press release they would have quoted the release word for word – and probably published more from it.
    If it is from press release it is poor journalism, whenever they received release.

  • Caroley

    Well done Sortius. Thank you for keeping an IT eye on the bastards. If only all of us demanded they be kept honest.