Embargo On Reality


For the first time in several years I decided to watch ABC’s Q&A, both in support of Van Badham, and to see what the questioning of Malcolm Turnbull on the National Broadband Network would be.

I wasn’t confident there would be any questions on the NBN, in fact, I had already predicted there wouldn’t be after being forwarded the email announcing Monday night’s panel. There was no mention of the NBN, even though the communications minister was to be on the panel. This did not bode well.

Not a single question on the most important part of Turnbull’s portfolio. Not a single question on the wholesale destruction of the NBN. Not a single question on why Turnbull issued a Statement of Expectations to NBN Co changing technologies, even though his precious Cost-Benefit Analysis has not been completed. Most of all, not a single question on whether Turnbull is ignorant and unqualified.


From a letter I published of Malcolm Turnbull’s. See Letter From The Big Mal.

It seems that the condition of Turnbull speaking to anyone in the news media is there shouldn’t be any reference to the NBN. A total embargo on speaking about the most important infrastructure in Australia’s history, and for the next 50 years.

In stead the only discussion allowed is of how much power Murdoch has which ends up in a childish tit for tat, with Murdoch’s minions in one corner (Turnbull and some News Corp hack), and anyone with any sense in the other. It seems that Murdoch loves hearing people talk about Murdoch, but only if it’s to do with media ownership and the like. Because, let’s face it, the Coalition aren’t going to stop Murdoch, they are going to facilitate his ascension to lord god of Australian media.

Tony Jones had clearly been told to shut down any discussion of the NBN. When Van Badham attempted to bring it up, Jones did his best not to tell her to “shut up”. From what I can tell talking over strong women, and treating them with contempt, is normal for Jones, indicating deep misogynistic tendencies. Especially seeing as he allows women who toe the line, and any man, to talk at length.

The worst part of this is that Q&A is not alone in the embargo, and I would suspect that Turnbull has had words to ABC Managing Director Mark Scott about keeping the NBN off ABC’s screens. Seeing as Mark Scott is an ex-Liberal party chief of staff, it’s not hard to see the huge conflict of interest, and the reality that the Liberal party have their hooks deep into the ABC.

I’m now at the point where if ABC TV was shut down I would not shed a tear. I would not hit the streets. Most of all, I wouldn’t see it as a bad thing. A public broadcaster controlled by a political party is concerning, that this political party is controlled by Murdoch is absolutely frightening.

By proxy the ABC are doing the bidding of their, and in many ways this country’s, greatest threat. A man so singularly focused with “getting” people his organisation is willing to break laws, to hack a dead child’s phone, and destroy the NBN so he can protect his cable TV monopoly.

The NBN may be dead, but the fight to expose the destruction is continuing. Murdoch has not won yet, he’s just at the point where he can see the finish line, Malcolm Turnbull at the ready with refreshments.

The smug self-satisfaction will be wiped of Turnbull’s face when he realises he can’t control social media, he can’t control s, and most of all, he can’t control what we say to each other at the pub. Experiences with FTTN and an overloaded HFC network will be talked about, damned, and will haunt Turnbull for the rest of his mediocre life.

There is no chance Turnbull can come back from this destruction, there is no justification for such laughable hypocrisy, and any compliant media will feel the sting when their precious baby boomers have shuffled off this mortal coil.

The lack of coverage of the NBN will continue, the embargo on reality will continue, but we will still fight on, exposing the lies, hypocrisy, and destruction of our country all to serve an American (he’s not even Australian any more) megalomaniac that’s under investigation in both the US & UK.

Until we reject Murdoch’s media, those who kowtow to it, and the social control that it represents, we will continue to have Liberal governments willing to lie, cheat, and steal their way into government, with not a soul to object or hold them to account.

Instead of accepting inbred royals parading around Australia, fruitless searches for a jet being used as political capital, turn off the TV, don’t read the articles, and demand better of our media. Demand coverage of the National Broadband Network, demand coverage of the Independent Commission Against Corruption, demand coverage of Manus Island/Nauru, most of all, demand coverage of the broken promises of this government.

We had 3 years of bleating from Tony Abbott about broken promises, yet there isn’t a single promise that this government has kept. They are attacking every facet of Australian society that made this country great, yet there is little to no coverage of it.

Imagine if there was an embargo on the Snowy Mountain Scheme, or building of roads infrastructure. There would be outrage from almost every sector of society, yet many blindly accept that the NBN is not to be talked about.

I blame editors, I blame directors, I mostly blame journalists who would prefer to, in the words of Julia Gillard, “write crap” than to dig deeper into a story. Just reprint press released and collect your weekly pay-cheque. So much for the fourth estate holding politicians to account.

The fourth estate is dead, long live social media!

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  • Friend of the NBN

    Good post! But it is “shuffle off this mortal coil” ya wally :) I will keep discussion of the NBN alive where I can, never fear. Probably renegotiation of the deal with Tel$tra will be only just concluded by late 2016 so hopefully it can be resuscitated.

    • sortius

      I knew I hadn’t got that right! Cheers, & yes, we need to be vigilant on the NBN. The battle is lost, but the war will never be over.

  • Mullaway5

    :) Check “To be, or not to be” ….methinks you were right!!

  • Eamon Byrne

    To be honest, I’m disappointed that the one body that should be raising hell over this whole CBN fiasco has gone missing. Albanese, Clare, Husic – the silence is deafening. Just recently, Shorten rattled off a list of Labor priorities that the party should be focussing on. NBN wasn’t one of them.

    I despair.

    • sortius

      Shorten is a disaster. He’s part of the whiteant brigade that brought down Gillard, why would anyone think he’d be a good LOTO I have no idea.

      The insanity of the ALP lately baffles me. Don’t worry, there are some in the party doing their best for the NBN. Watch this space. ;)